Chad Kelley

USDA Prime Stamp in red and blue with gold outline

Grades of Steak, Worst to Best

United States Department of Agriculture, or the USDA, created a system that gave quality grades to beef. The USDA beef grades are Prime grade beef, Choice Beef, and Select Beef.

Whiskey Barrels on Ramp in front of stone building with red door

Jameson Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails

Coffee and Whiskey have long been a favorite combination for me. I have been known to buy an inexpensive bourbon now and then and drop coffee beans into it to sit for a month before using it for cocktails. Maybe it is the Chef in me that has a slight addiction to coffee. Regardless, this unexpected combo is a natural marriage that has flown under the radar for too long. So put away your pickle backs and try Jameson in some new ways. Depending on how I’m feeling and the weather for the day these are the five ways I like to enjoy Jameson and Cold Brew. Skip the bloody mary on your next brunch date and make yourself one of these for you and your friends.

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