Chad Kelley

Chef, Consultant & Mentor
Culinary Arts
Wine Pairings
Grilling & Smoking


  • Chef with a degree in Culinary Arts from The California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, specializing in cooking, grilling, smoking, and pairing food with various beverages.
  • Experienced restaurant consultant and mentor, with hands-on training from the intensive Beef 101 course at Texas A&M.
  • Creator of Inside The Pressure Cooker podcast for chefs and the founder of the coffee-focused website Roasted Bean Freak.


Chad Kelley is not just a chef; he's an educator and a storyteller, weaving his culinary experiences into mouth-watering narratives. As a restaurant consultant and mentor, he’s honed his skills in cooking, grilling, smoking, and pairing food with beverages, including liquor, beer, and wine. He writes for those hungry to learn and grow their culinary knowledge, and he translates his professional kitchen experiences into practical insights for home cooks. Outside the kitchen, Chad hosts a podcast called Inside The Pressure Cooker, which serves as a community for restaurant chefs discussing daily life, challenges, and battles faced in the kitchen. He's also the passion-driven creator behind Roasted Bean Freak, a website devoted to the art and science of coffee, from beans to brewers. In his free time, Chad enjoys FC Dallas soccer matches, spending quality time with his family, and escaping to the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  


Chad's journey in culinary arts began with a degree from The California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. He further enriched his expertise through an intense 2-day hands-on course, Beef 101, at Texas A&M. This unique education has shaped his distinct voice, allowing him to bridge the gap between professional culinary techniques and everyday cooking. His passion for understanding food from the farm to the dinner table resonates in his writings, podcasts, and projects.

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