Quick and Easy

Just as the category header says. This is a collection of recipes that I feel fit into the Quick and Easy box.

Seasoned Sweet Potatoes in a Cast Iron Dish on a Wood Table

Sweet Potato Home Fries

This is a play on your favorite brunch item, home fries. For this, I’m going to use Sweet Potatoes with a little red onion and mole powder for a delicious side dish. I like to use the sweet potato for this rather than regular potatoes as they complement the bolder flavors we will use with the mole powder. This is my favorite way to make sweet potatoes and it is the perfect side dish for a healthy breakfast.

Hand Holding Double Patty Burger

Best Way to Make Burgers From Frozen Patties

I was recently asked by a friend if I had a good way to season a frozen hamburger patty. So how do you season a frozen hamburger patty before they go on the grill, for more flavorful burgers? I will be honest, I have never come across this as we always use fresh patties. Now, we also have the luxury of planning (most of the time) so when I was presented with this question, I didn’t have an immediate answer. The first thing I did was go to the grocery store, picked up a few different boxes of frozen patties, and started cooking.

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