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Wine Pairings

What to drink with what to eat. I’m not going to give you hard rules but I will inform you enough so you can make an educated decision about how to pair your food. Wine pairings are only hard if you make them that way.

Top 10 Wine Pairings for Pasta

Next time you are planning to have wine with your pasta dish, remember these wines. Also, remember its not as much about getting the right wine as much as it is about enjoying your meal even if it wasn’t the perfect choice. Italian pasta dishes can be broken down into three categories of pasta sauces. Red Sauce, Cream Sauce and Olive Oil Based Sauces. Red sauces, like your classic spaghetti sauce, will almost always be used exclusively for red meats while your olive oil and cream sauces are used for lighter proteins like poultry and seafood. Here is our list of some great options next time you are looking for pasta pairings with wine.