In all actuality, my favorites are the only ones that will make it to this site. The best recipes my family enjoys are here for you. So have fun in the kitchen while you cook.

A secret ingredient that you can not measure in a recipe but you can taste on the plate is love. No matter what you are making, food made with love will always taste better. 

Please leave comments about your experience with my recipes. We would also love to see you tag us when posting pics of your meals created with love at home.


Pink Lemonade vs lemonade

Pink Lemonade vs Lemonade: The Battle of Flavors Unveiled

SUMMARY: Pink lemonade is a variation of traditional lemonade typically made with added fruit flavors or food coloring. While pink lemonade and regular lemonade share the same base of lemons, water, and sugar, the key difference lies in the added ingredients, with pink lemonade offering a sweeter and fruitier taste. Are you craving a refreshing …

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Chili Flakes vs Red Pepper Flakes

Chili Flakes vs Red Pepper Flakes: Exploring the Differences and Culinary Uses

SUMMARY: Chili flakes and red pepper flakes are two terms commonly used interchangeably to refer to the same ingredient: dried and crushed red chili peppers. They add heat and flavor to dishes, but the intensity can vary depending on the type of pepper used and personal preference. Both are versatile ingredients that can be used …

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Shumai vs gyoza

Shumai vs Gyoza: Exploring the Delicate Dumplings of Asian Cuisine

**SUMMARY:** Shumai and gyoza are delicious Asian dumplings but have some key differences. Shumai is open-faced and steamed, while gyoza is closed and typically pan-fried. Both offer unique flavors and textures, but the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. Shumai vs Gyoza? Read on to see who comes out on top!! In this article, …

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Chicken tenderloin vs chicken breast

Chicken Tenderloin vs Chicken Breast: Comparing Characteristics, Benefits & Best Uses

SUMMARY: Chicken tenderloin and breast are both popular cuts of chicken, but they differ in texture, taste, and cooking methods. Tenderloin is leaner and petite, ideal for quick cooking methods like stir-frying. At the same time, the breast is larger, juicier, and more versatile for various recipes. Choose tenderloin for a tender and mild flavor …

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Pasilla vs Poblano Peppers

Pasilla vs Poblano Peppers: Exploring Flavor and Heat in Mexican Cuisine

SUMMARY: Pasilla peppers and Poblano peppers are popular chili peppers used in Mexican cuisine. While they may seem similar, the two have a few key differences. Pasilla peppers are a dried chile with a more complex smoky taste with a higher heat level, while Poblano peppers are milder with a earthy flavor. Understanding these distinctions …

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Hibachi vs Teriyaki Feature

Hibachi vs Teriyaki: Exploring the Flavors and Techniques

SUMMARY: Hibachi and teriyaki are both popular Japanese cooking styles, but they differ in their technique, flavors, and presentation. Hibachi refers to grilling food on a high-heat iron griddle, producing a smoky flavor. At the same time, teriyaki is a cooking method that involves marinating, grilling, or broiling the meat or vegetables in a sweet …

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Green Mussels vs Black Mussels

Green Mussels vs Black Mussels: Exploring the Differences and Delights

SUMMARY: Green and black mussels are two types of mussels that differ in appearance, taste, and habitat. Green mussels have a greenish-brown shell, a sweeter taste and are commonly found in warmer waters. In contrast, black mussels have a dark shell and a brinier taste and are typically found in colder waters. Are you confused …

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adobada vs al pastor

Adobada vs Al Pastor: Exploring the Flavorful Debate

**SUMMARY:** Adobada and al pastor are both delicious Mexican dishes, but they have some key differences. Adobada consists of marinated pork cooked on a grill. At the same time, al pastor is typically made with marinated pork cooked on a vertical spit. The flavors and preparation methods vary, making both options unique and worth trying …

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Goat vs Lamb Meat

Goat vs Lamb Meat: Intense Flavors, Nutrition, and Culinary Uses

SUMMARY: Goat and lamb meat are both popular choices, but they differ in terms of taste, texture, and nutritional value. Goat meat has a stronger flavor, is leaner, and contains higher amounts of iron and protein. Lamb meat has a milder taste, is more tender, and offers higher vitamin B12 and zinc levels. Ultimately, the …

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Chow Fun vs Mei Fun

Chow Fun vs Mei Fun: Exploring the Key Differences in Chinese Noodle Dishes

Chow fun is made with wide rice noodles, while Mei Fun is made with thin rice noodles, resulting in different textures and flavors in the final dish.