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Chef Knife

Where Do I Start?

So the question I get a lot is what types of knives would I recommend for their home or as a gift. You do not need that full block of knives from those big German knife makers. You need a Chef Knife, a utility knife, and a bread knife. Those are the three most used knives in my arsenal, and I have a lot of knives. For me, the knife is something special. When you take care of them they will become family heirlooms. I have a knife from every restaurant I opened and each one is as unique as the restaurant itself. Those are special to me, which they should be to you as well. Sounds cheesy I know, but if you plan to spend money on a knife – make it mean something.

The Chef Knife

This is the one that will be doing the majority of the work. I recommend one that has a bit of a curved cutting edge. This allows for a more natural rocking motion when you are chopping vegetables, mincing garlic, or chopping up herbs. Great examples to look at are these two. You can see the difference between a straight blade and one with some rock to it. The Heinkel is a classic old-school french chef knife while the Wusthof has that slight curve for a more natural rocking motion. If this is your first knife I would strongly suggest one with a slight curve on the edge of the blade. For home, an 8” Chef knife is more than enough knife to get the job done.

My everyday chef knife is this guy right here: Kikuichi Hammered Finish Chef’s Knife – 8 inch

Buying for a Friend or Family Member?

For the one that has a few knives already, has been cooking for a while, and it’s time to help them elevate their game: Shun Classic 8 Inch Hollow Ground Chef’s Knife

For the rising star in the family and they are ready for their first knife, this is the one. It looks beautiful and is a solid entry level knife: Mercer Culinary, 8 Inch Chef’s Knife with Leaf Pattern Blade

Shopping for a knife enthusiast and not sure where to start? Send me a message and I can help you navigate through the more boutique knife makers.
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