Who is Chef Chad Kelley and Chef Made Home?

Greetings, culinary explorers! I’m Chad, the seasoned chef and enthusiastic home cook behind Chef Made Home. After 27 memorable years in the bustling restaurant industry, I’ve embarked on this exciting journey to share my passion, knowledge, and culinary insights with you.

Chef Made Home is much more than a website; it’s my culinary playground and your reliable guide to all things kitchen. Here, I serve up the wisdom of nearly three decades of cooking experience, combined with my unique flair for reinvention and zest for discovery. My mission? To help you create delightful meals at home, navigate your kitchen with confidence, and make informed decisions about the tools that can transform your culinary experiences.

Off the clock, I’m a proud resident of Frisco, where I revel in FC Dallas matches, backyard BBQs, and food-filled family moments with my wife Yvette and our two amazing children, Everleigh and Grant. But even in these relaxed moments, my mind is a kitchen—always simmering with new ideas and eager to test out a fresh kitchen gadget.

But why trust me?

Well, apart from my lengthy tenure in the kitchen, my work has been recognized and reviewed by respected publications like Zagat, D Magazine, and Eater Dallas, to name a few. I’ve weathered the highs and lows of a demanding industry, picked up a thing or two about what makes a kitchen tick, and now, I’m here to share those insider secrets with you.

Chef Made Home is my commitment to you—delivering trustworthy advice, dependable product recommendations, and a dash of humor. Here, you’ll find not just another sales pitch, but a friend guiding you towards smart purchases for your kitchen.

I’d love to hear about your culinary adventures! Feel free to tag us on Instagram @chefmadehome and let’s keep this delicious conversation going.

Welcome to the Chef Made Home family! Let’s cook up something incredible together.

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