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Welcome to our cozy corner of Chef Made Home where we’re all about creating culinary magic right in your own kitchen. Imagine this: we’re just a couple of friends, having a blast, whipping up meals that would make a Michelin-starred chef nod in approval. We’ll experiment, we’ll learn, and who knows, we might even surprise ourselves with some seriously delicious creations. Sound like a plan? Great, let’s get cooking!

Unlock the secrets to on how to smoke a turkey on a pellet smoker with our essential tips and techniques for a juicy, flavorful feast your guests will love!

Learn everything you need to know about pressure cooker beef tripe, from what type of pressure cooker to use, to cooking time and tenderizing tips.

Learn the best way to cook brats on a pellet smoker with this step-by-step guide. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

When I first heard about peanut butter whiskey I was skeptical, to say the least. I have seen so many…

Let me start by clarifying what I believe the perfect steak is. For me, it means that the steak is…

I know my way around a pit and the best meat to smoke. Opening a barbecue restaurant in Texas requires…

There is nothing better than a beef brisket smoked at a low temperature for a long time. The magic that…

Coffee and Whiskey have long been a favorite combination for me. I have been known to buy an inexpensive bourbon now and then and drop coffee beans into it to sit for a month before using it for cocktails. Maybe it is the Chef in me that has a slight addiction to coffee. Regardless, this unexpected combo is a natural marriage that has flown under the radar for too long. So put away your pickle backs and try Jameson in some new ways. Depending on how I’m feeling and the weather for the day these are the five ways I like to enjoy Jameson and Cold Brew. Skip the bloody mary on your next brunch date and make yourself one of these for you and your friends.

So the common question we get in emails is; How Long to Deep Fry Chicken Legs?. Crispy Fried Chicken is the definition of comfort food. Who doesn’t love a juicy and crispy chicken drumstick fried to perfection?

Ready to make your own beef jerky? Let’s look at the different cuts of beef to find the best option next time you head to your local grocery store. First rule, the best meat for a jerky recipe are not great cuts for grilling. Jerky is as much about finding the right cuts of meat as it is the marinade. The jerky-making process itself is quite simple, so let’s read on about how to make homemade beef jerky.

I spent a lot of my career as the Chef of a high end seafood restaurant. We had fish flown in from all over the U.S. daily and wrote our menus based on what was in season at the moment.

Keep this slow roasted tomatoes recipe on hand for a quick addition that will elevate just about any dish.

Smoking ribs on your Traeger Pellet Grill is a great way to cook tender ribs at home. With just a little prep and know-how, your pellet smoker can produce the most delicious ribs in the neighborhood. So prepare for your next barbecue or game day gathering and your new legacy as the king of ribs.

The sous vide method yields the most delicious pork belly. I love this recipe and its versatility.

Inspired by the idea of the blended burger project by The Mushroom Council. I created this mixture and made it into a meatloaf. This recipe can easily be adjusted to turn it into meatballs or even burger patties. Have fun experimenting with it and enjoy!

Whenever I have the time I will brine my chicken for that extra flavor that you can not get otherwise.

This is a play on your favorite brunch item, home fries. For this, I’m going to use Sweet Potatoes with a little red onion and mole powder for a delicious side dish.

A jar of sauce is a great time-saver for a busy family. Find out how to make it your own, and better.

This crazy good cream corn recipe is going to be the hit at your next family feast. I also make it to use as a sauce component for dishes like the Red Chile Pork Tenderloin.

This chile rub is a staple in my pantry. One of our favorite uses of this rub is on the Red Chile Pork Tenderloin, you can find the recipe here

You’ll be amazed at how much flavor you’re going to get out of this pork tenderloin. For those that like to plan, this is a fantastic recipe as you can prep the pork tenderloin, vacuum seal it, and have it ready to go.

I was recently asked by a friend if I had a good way to season a frozen hamburger patty. So how do you season a frozen hamburger patty before they go on the grill, for more flavorful burgers? I will be honest, I have never come across this as we always use fresh patties. Now, we also have the luxury of planning (most of the time) so when I was presented with this question, I didn’t have an immediate answer. The first thing I did was go to the grocery store, picked up a few different boxes of frozen patties, and started cooking.

This simple and versatile recipe is the launching point for so many other recipes. It is a great roasting technique…