Fruits That Start With Y: A Tasty Exploration

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Fruits That Start With Y

In search of something new? Studying for your upcoming Jeopardy appearance? We have you covered with our list of Fruits that Start with Y.

Fruits That Start With Y

Yellow Passion Fruit

The Yellow Passion Fruit, known for its exotic tropical origins, offers more than just a visually appealing exterior. This fruit, also known as Maracuyá, bursts with a sweet and tangy essence, perfectly encapsulating the flavors of the tropics. Its vibrant yellow shell encases a juicy, seed-filled interior, rich in vitamins A and C, fiber, and essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

  • Seasons Available: Year-round in tropical climates, summer and fall in others


Yacon is a tuberous root that, while typically not considered a fruit in a traditional sense, often gets classified as one due to its sweet, crisp, and juicy nature. It resembles a sweet potato and is often eaten raw or made into a syrup. Yacon is especially known for its high prebiotic content, which is beneficial for gut health.

  • Seasons Available: Fall and early winter


The Yamamomo, or mountain peach, is a subtropical tree fruit native to East Asia. It bears strikingly red berries that are known for their unusual combination of sweet and sour flavors. The fruit is succulent and is often enjoyed fresh or used in making wine and vinegar.

  • Seasons Available: Early to mid-summer


Yangmei, also called Chinese bayberry, is a fruit that is cherished in China both for its taste and medicinal properties. It has a rough texture similar to raspberries, and its flavor ranges from sweet to tart. Yangmei is rich in vitamins, and can be eaten fresh, dried, or fermented into an alcoholic beverage.

  • Seasons Available: Mid to late summer


Yantok fruits, or rattan fruits, come from the rattan palm. These fruits are distinctive for their reddish-brown color and scaly surface, and they have a chewy texture and tart taste. While not as popular for direct consumption due to their bitter aftertaste, they are often used in traditional medicine and as a spice in cooking.

  • Seasons Available: Year-round, with some seasonal peaks


Though it’s often considered a vegetable, the Yacon is a sweet-tasting tuberous root that is technically a fruit. It resembles a sweet potato and has a crispy texture akin to an apple. It’s known for its high fiber content and prebiotic properties that benefit the digestive system.

  • Seasons Available: Late fall through winter

Yellow Plum

Yellow plums are stone fruits with a golden-yellow exterior and a juicy, sweet flesh. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, contributing to a healthy diet. Yellow plums can be eaten fresh, baked into desserts, or used to make preserves and jams.

  • Seasons Available: Summer

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