Fruits That Start With E: Exploring Exotic Flavors & Seasons

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Fruits That Start With E

Fruits That Start With E: Exploring Exotic Flavors & Seasons

So… you are looking for Fruits that start with E huh? Trying to settle a bet? Well hopefully we can help you out with some of these exotic fruits that start with E.

Fruits That Start with E


Elderberries are small, dark berries that grow in clusters on the Sambucus tree. Notable for their deep purple hue and tangy taste, they are a favorite in various culinary applications — from syrups and desserts to wines and teas. Beyond their appealing flavor, elderberries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, making them a go-to for boosting the immune system and fighting off colds.

  • Seasons Available: Late summer to early autumn

Elephant Apple

The elephant apple is a distinct fruit commonly found in India and Southeast Asia. Its name is derived from its popularity as a food source for elephants, but it is also consumed by humans, especially in Indian cuisine. The fruit has a hard shell and a tangy flavor that can add a zesty twist to chutneys and curries.

  • Seasons Available: Late summer to early autumn


The etrog, also known as citron, is a large, fragrant citrus fruit that plays a central role in the Jewish festival of Sukkot. It is lemon-like in appearance but has a bumpier texture and a more intense aroma. While it’s not commonly eaten due to its thick rind and dry flesh, etrog is prized for its zest and used to make preserves and liqueurs.

  • Seasons Available: Late summer to early autumn

Evelyn’s Mango

Evelyn’s mango is a lesser-known cultivar that has a deep orange, velvety flesh and a sweet, rich taste with hints of coconut. Native to the tropics, this mango variety is relished both fresh and in desserts, bringing a tropical flair to any dish it graces.

  • Seasons Available: Summer


Entawak, a fruit native to Southeast Asia, sports an orange flesh with a flavor that’s a blend of pumpkin and papaya. Often eaten fresh, it’s also a wonderful addition to various regional dishes.

  • Seasons Available: Varies by region, often between late summer and mid-autumn

European Pear

Also known simply as the common pear, the European Pear is a beloved fruit characterized by its sweet, buttery flavor and soft texture when ripe. Widely cultivated, it’s a staple in desserts, but equally enjoyed raw or canned.

  • Seasons Available: Late summer through to the end of winter

Evergreen Huckleberry

Evergreen huckleberries are tiny, blue-black berries from the Pacific Northwest of North America. These wild berries have a tart flavor, making them an excellent ingredient for jams, pies, and syrups, or simply eaten fresh.

  • Seasons Available: Mid-summer through to mid-autumn

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