Fruits That Start With I: A Tasty Alphabetical Discovery

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Fruits That Start With I

Lets face it. You are not here because you are looking to add variety of fruits to your diet and your working your way through the alphabet…. well maybe you are.

Either way – if you are trying to settle a bet, studying for your Jeopardy try out or just can’t sleep… here is a short list of some common, and exotic, fruits that start with I.

Fruits That Start with I

Ice Apple

Imagine finding solace from the scorching heat in a fruit. The ice apple, known in its native lands as the palmyra fruit, does just that. Native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, this translucent, jelly-like fruit is encased within a fibrous husk and is sought after for its cooling effect and sweet, refreshing taste. Besides quenching thirst, it serves as a source of essential nutrients that rejuvenate the body during hot seasons.

  • Seasons Available: Late Spring to Early Summer


The imbu, often known as the Brazilian plum, is an aromatic fruit with a sweet and tart taste reminiscent of a mix of mango, apricot, and plum. The imbu is highly prized for both its delightful flavor and its nutritional content, including vitamin C and some B vitamins.

  • Seasons Available: Midsummer to Early Fall.

Ichang Papeda

The Ichang papeda is a citrus fruit found mainly in East Asia. It has a bumpy rind and a somewhat bitter flavor, not commonly eaten fresh but used for its zest and to impart flavor in cooking. It is one of the ancestors of some more commonly known citrus fruits.

  • Seasons Available: Winter.

Ita Palm Fruit

Ita palm fruit, derived from the Mauritia flexuosa palm, is a tropical fruit found in South America. These round fruits have a reddish-brown skin and are often consumed as a beverage or turned into jellies and desserts for their sweet and nutty flavor.

  • Seasons Available: Throughout the year, with peak season in Midsummer.


Icaco, or the cocoplum, is a small, purple fruit native to coastal areas in the Americas. It is often picked wild and consumed fresh, used in making preserves, or added to salads for its mildly sweet and fibrous flesh. Icaco is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

  • Seasons Available: Late Spring to Early Fall.

Inga Edulis

Inga edulis, commonly called ice-cream bean due to its sweet, vanilla-flavored pulp that surrounds the seeds, is a tropical fruit that’s popular in Central and South America. An excellent snack on its own, this fruit is also a nitrogen-fixing plant, which can enrich soils where it’s grown.

  • Seasons Available: Late Winter to Early Spring.


Imbe, known scientifically as Garcinia livingstonei, is a tropical fruit that hails from the African continent. This vibrant fruit boasts an appealing orange to yellow hue, with a flavor profile that ranges from sweet to slightly tart. Often eaten fresh, imbe can also make a delightful addition to various dishes, providing a citrusy zest. Its vitamin content and antioxidants make it a healthful choice for those looking to add a nutritious—and delicious—fruit to their diet.

  • Seasons Available: Depends on the region but usually found during the wetter seasons.

Indian Fig

Indian Fig is the popular name for the fruit that comes from various Opuntia cactus species, one of which is Opuntia ficus-indica, more commonly known as the prickly pear. This fruit presents itself in a variety of vibrant colors from yellow and green to pink and red. With its juicy and sweet flesh, it can be a tantalizing addition to salads, desserts, or simply enjoyed on its own. Indian Fig is not only a tasty fruit but also provides numerous health benefits due to its fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidant content.

  • Seasons Available: Peak seasons are Late Summer to Fall, but availability can extend into winter in milder climates.

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