Fruits That Start With N: A Quick Guide

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Fruits That Start With N like this Noni fruit

In search of something new? Studying for your upcoming Jeopardy appearance? We have you covered with our list of Fruits that Start with N.

Fruits That Start With N


The nectarine, a smooth-skinned sibling of the peach, tantalizes the palate with its juicy sweetness and vivid, summer-ripened flavors. This stone fruit marries the best of taste and texture for an irresistible snack or dessert ingredient.

  • Seasons Available: Late spring through late summer

Navel Orange

Navel oranges are easily recognizable by the small, navel-like formation on their peel. Known for their sweetness and lack of seeds, these oranges are a winter citrus favorite.

  • Seasons Available: Winter

Nashi Pear

The Nashi Pear, also known as the Asian pear, distinguishes itself with its round shape and crisp texture that resembles an apple. This juicy fruit is delicately sweet and can be enjoyed fresh or used in various culinary dishes. With a generous amount of fiber and a refreshing taste, Nashi Pears are not only delightful to eat but also contribute to a healthy diet.

  • Seasons Available: Late summer to early autumn


Noni is a tropical fruit that has gained attention for its distinctive taste and medicinal qualities. Traditionally used in Polynesian cultures for its therapeutic benefits, Noni has a strong, earthy flavor that can be an acquired taste. Its juice is often incorporated into health beverages. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Noni is celebrated for its potential to support the immune system and overall well-being.

  • Seasons Available: Year-round in tropical climates

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