Fruits That Start with U: Unveiling Exotic Varieties

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Fruits That Start With U

In search of something new? Studying for your upcoming Jeopardy appearance? We have you covered with our list of Fruits that Start with U.

Fruits That Start With U

Ugli Fruit

Uncover the culinary potential of the ugli fruit, a unique hybrid from Jamaica that’s as intriguing as its name. This fruit is a blend of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine—its rough exterior belies the juicy, sweet-tart flavor within. Often larger than a grapefruit, the ugli fruit’s wrinkled, greenish-yellow skin wraps around the vibrant, citrusy flesh that awaits inside.

  • Seasons Available: December to April

Ucuhuba Fruit

Explore the ucuhuba fruit, a tropical berry found deep within the Amazon rainforest. This nutrient-rich fruit is not only valued for its edible properties but also for the oil extracted from its seeds, which is used in both cooking and skincare products. The flesh of the ucuhuba has a distinct, creamy texture and a flavor that can add an exotic twist to dishes.

  • Seasons Available: Throughout the year, with fluctuations depending on the regional climate

Ume Fruit

The ume fruit, or Japanese apricot, is an essential part of East Asian cuisine and culture. Resembling a small plum, it is celebrated for its floral aroma and sour taste. It is commonly pickled to create umeboshi or steeped in alcohol to produce ume liquor. The ume is also appreciated for its ornamental beauty when in bloom during early spring.

  • Seasons Available: Late June to early July

Urava Fruit

Encounter the urava fruit, a hidden gem within the Solomon Islands known for its light sweetness and fibrous texture. It’s a traditional staple for the local communities and is eaten both raw and cooked. As a wild, uncultivated fruit, it exemplifies the idea of foraging for food and offers a glimpse into primal diets.

  • Seasons Available: May to October

Umbu Fruit

Indigenous to the semi-arid regions of northeastern Brazil, the umbu fruit, or Spondias tuberosa, is a celebrated part of the caatinga ecosystem. Often referred to as “imbu,” the fruit is round, yellowish-green in color, and has a soft, juicy pulp inside. The balance of sweetness and acidity makes it refreshing, especially appreciated in the hot climates it grows in. Beyond its consumption as a fresh snack, umbu is also enjoyed in various forms like jams, juices, and sweets, making it an integral aspect of local gastronomy and culture.

  • Seasons Available: January to April

Ugni Fruit

The ugni fruit, also known as the Chilean guava or Ugni molinae, is a small, berry-like fruit hailing from the southern regions of Chile and adjacent areas in Argentina. Despite its diminutive size, the ugni fruit packs a flavorful punch, with a taste reminiscent of wild strawberries, kissed with a hint of spice. The diminutive berries are versatile in the kitchen, used in preserves, desserts, and even savory dishes, offering a unique flavor twist to recipes. The ugni fruit is not only prized for its taste; it’s also appreciated for its ornamental value, with shrubs that sport white, bell-shaped flowers before the berries appear.

  • Seasons Available: Late spring to early summer

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