Fruits That Start With V: Unveiling Nature’s Unique Varieties

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Fruits That Start With V

In search of something new? Studying for your upcoming Jeopardy appearance? We have you covered with our list of Fruits that Start with V.

Fruits That Start With V

Vanilla Bean

While often relegated to the role of a flavor enhancer, the vanilla bean stands tall as a fruit in its own right. Sourced from the only orchid that produces edible fruit, this precious pod is more than just an ice cream ingredient; it’s a culinary treasure that is painstakingly cultivated and cured for months to develop its deep, complex flavor profile.

  • Seasons Available: Year-round, with peak season from October to March

Valencia Orange

Renowned for their perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, Valencia oranges are a favorite among citrus fruits. Typically associated with orange juice, these bright fruits are also delightful when eaten fresh. The thin skin makes them easy to peel, and the few seeds inside are a small price to pay for their delectable, juicy segments.

  • Seasons Available: Late spring through summer

Velvet Tamarind

The velvet tamarind, also known as Dialium cochinchinense, is an intriguing tropical fruit wrapped in a hard shell with a velvety texture. Inside, its black pulp is a fusion of sweet and sour flavors, evocative of tamarind. This delectable fruit doubles as a natural remedy in various cultures due to its nutritional properties.

  • Seasons Available: Late summer to mid-autumn

Vanilla Kaki

Often overshadowed by its persimmon cousin, the vanilla kaki is a rare and delicate fruit. It possesses a creamy texture and a subtle vanilla-like flavor, making it a true treat for the taste buds. This ephemeral fruit is not only a delicacy but also offers a good source of vitamins A and C.

  • Seasons Available: Early to mid-autumn


The Voavanga fruit, commonly known as the African medlar, is a little-known gem from the continent of Africa. With a striking orange exterior and a pulpy, cream-colored interior, this fruit delivers a blend of sweet and tart flavors reminiscent of apricots. It’s not just a tasty fruit but also a source of vitamins and minerals, crucial for a well-balanced diet.

  • Seasons Available: Mid-summer to early Autumn

Vanilla Berry

The Vanilla Berry, also recognized as the American beautyberry, is a unique fruit distinguished by its cluster of small, purple drupes. Surprisingly, it exhibits a gentle hint of vanilla flavor when consumed. This berry is often found in folk medicine and it brings a picturesque burst of color to the natural landscapes of the American Southeast.

  • Seasons Available: Late summer to early Autumn

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