Best Gas Grills Under $500 A Chefs Review 2023

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Best Gas Grills Under $500 The Weber Spirit E210

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Welcome to the best gas grill reviews 2023 has to offer. As a restaurant chef I’ve logged plenty of hours standing over a hot grill and I know what will make or break your grilling experience at home.

Looking for the best gas grills under $500? When it comes time to shop for a new gas grill it can be overwhelming. Every brand has its own trademarked name for the same thing the other guy has. Ever heard of a Flavorizer? Yeah, it means heat deflectors on the other guy’s model.  We took a look at the most popular grills on the market and sorted through all the jargon to make it easier to decide on the best propane grill for you.

As a former restaurant chef, I look at how easy things are to clean and general ease of use. The durability and any special features of each grill are then weighed against the quality of the grill in this price range. I am also showing you options as what may work best for me will not be the best grill for you. Want to know more about me or see some of the recipes I have created? Follow the links for more.

Looking for the best natural gas grills reviews? Read on as many of these grills are compatible with natural gas hookups.

My Top Picks

Quick Note on Pricing: When I first reviewed these products for the Best Gas Grills 2022, they all fell under the $500 price tag. Even though the prices on many of these items has increased I still feel they are a good value for their price and have decided to leave them.

Best Overall :: Weber II E-210

Best Bang for the Buck :: Char-Broil Performance 4 Burner

Best Portable Gas Grill :: Weber Q2200 Gas Grill

Best for Large Groups :: Blackstone 36” Griddle

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What To Consider When Choosing The Best Gas Grills Under $500

The first thing to ask yourself is what do you plan to cook on the grill? Seems like an easy question but it is not as obvious as it sounds. What are you cooking now and how will that translate onto your new grill? Do you currently have a gas grill that you are using? If so, what did you like about it and what would you like to avoid on the next one? These are important factors to remember when reading about my thoughts on each grill. So what did we look at when creating our best gas grills reviews?

Size & Cooking Area

This is important. Manufacturers are tricky because they will give you a number that includes the side burner and that thin top warming rack on your grill. They call this the total cooking area. The numbers I list are the surface area of the main grilling area only. 

Grate Material

Some people prefer cast-iron grates over the porcelain coated grates that are commonly used now. I understand that but when it comes to cleaning the coated grates win every time. The trade-off is that you have to be careful to not chip the coating. Once you do it will deteriorate fast and you risk having porcelain chip off into your food. Cleaning before and after each use for optimum life. 

Number of Burners

The more burners you have the more control you have with the grill. Each of the main burners can be set to specific temperature zones. This is ideal when you want to have a sear side and a low finishing side.


An abbreviation for British Thermal Units. BTUs is a measurement that is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree. But what does that mean and why is it important? In short, it is the power of what each gas burners produce. Simply put, how much heat it can produce. The higher the BTU the more efficient the burner is at heating. This is both a good and a bad thing. If you have too many BTUs in a small unit it could be worse than not having enough. I give an example of this with a portable grill below. The specs seem great but the reality is that it is too much packed into too small a package. 

Propane Gas vs. Natural Gas

If you are shopping for a gas grill you are more than likely looking for a propane gas grill. A natural gas grill needs to have a connection to your home that has existing natural gas. This is more common in built-in gas grills. I’ve also seen a lot of new home builds that are leaving a natural gas connection on the patio so you can hook up your natural gas grills. The downfall I’ve seen with using natural gas is gas pressure. My friend has his gas grill hooked up to the house and we were having trouble getting it hot. This was during the winter in Texas and friends were over. His wife had the fire place going, natural gas, as well as their gas fireplace on their patio. Once we turned the fire places off we got the pressure we needed and the grill climbed to temp fast. 

Hybrid Grills

I intentionally left off these grills. You are either looking for charcoal grills or you are not. I do not know a single person that has, or uses both a charcoal grill and a gas grill at the same time. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Temperature Gauges

Nearly all the grills have a temperature gauge on the lid. This is great for smoking or long cooks but most people are not cooking whole chickens directly on their gas grill. When I am grilling on my gas grill I never have the lid down. I am grilling my food, not baking it.

Additional Features

This is the stuff that should be listed as standard but the marketing team needed some fluff to make this grill feel more special. You will see everything from a sear burner which is just a burner that can get turned up more and isn’t necessary. Tool hooks, who doesn’t need tool hooks for their fathers day tool set? Regardless of what it is, these features are simple adds but do not add any additional expense. If anything it should be used as a tiebreaker for determining what is the best gas grill for you.

Rotisserie Burner

You will need to upgrade your budget if you are wanting one of these on your grill. Really, the best grills under 1000 dollars is more what you should be looking at. Even then, you are looking to spend a minimum of $850 to get a gas grill with the additional infared rotisserie burner.

Built in Grills

When it comes to grills for built ins you want to spend the extra money. Trust me. You are not only getting a superior build but one that will last you longer before you have to figure out how to replace it. Look for the best natural gas grills under $1000 as a starting point. At this price point most gas grills will have a built in option. 

The Contenders for the best rated gas grills under 500 dollars

Weber Spirit II E-210

The Weber Spirit series is featuring all the newest technology that Weber has to offer. It includes Infinity Ignition which guarantees ignition every time, re-designed stainless steel burners, and porcelain enameled Flavorizer bars. The grease system is pretty convenient as well. It is an easy-to-access disposable pan that slides easily under the main grill. This semi-compact 2 burner grill is excellent for someone that wants high performance but doesn’t have the space for a full-size grill. If an app connected device is important to you, Weber has an optional iGrill 3 thermometer designed for the GS4 grills.

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  • Redesigned for performance
  • Tech-Friendly with additional iGrill 3
  • GS4 Technology
  • 10-year Weber Guarantee
  • smart grease management system
  • Powerful for such a small footprint


  • One of the smaller grills on the list
  • The optional thermometer kit has reports of being very inaccurate

Monument 4 Burner

A pretty powerful grill option. The LED control knobs are nice to have when cooking at night. The tempered glass window is a smart upgrade to the traditional covering. It will need to be cleaned well after every use though, otherwise, it will become a greasy mess quickly.

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  • The clear view window is great for being able to see what’s going on without having to lift the lid.
  • Clean Stainless Steel Design
  • Side Burner is great for heating sides or sauces


  • The removable grease tray slides out under the side shelves which is cumbersome.
  • Not known for their customer service

Fuego F21C-H

Somewhat of a newcomer to the market is Fuego Grills. Their stylish and space saving design is perfect for backyards with small spaces. Coming in at 346 square inches and with 22,000 BTUs in a dual zone burner system. It heats up fast and maintains its heat well.

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  • Fast and Easy Assembly
  • The cast iron grates can be switched out with the optional griddle and pizza stone kit.
  • The Dual Zone is perfect for both indirect and direct cooking
  • Lightweight and Easy to move


  • Cast Iron Grates will rust over time
  • Will rust quickly if left out in the weather

Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner

This full-size grill which is 23” wide and 18” deep is a good size for cooking for the family and friends. It is a no-frills straightforward gas grill and is a great value at this price point. They have this model with a stainless steel cabinet for propane storage if that is important to you.

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  • Powerful Gas Grill with even heat distribution
  • Side Burner is great for heating sauces or side dishes
  • Porcelain coated cast iron grill grates


  • No Propane Tank Storage, Hangs on Side
  • Lacks storage space

Kenmore Propane Gas Grill

Sleek design with a 3 burner gas grill on casters for easy movement. The Kenmore 3 burner comes in 6 color options to fit your style.

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  • Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grill Grates
  • Electronic Igniter
  • The porcelain-enameled lid retains heat well


  • Does not have a removable bottom tray for cleaning
  • A small grease cup hangs over the propane tank and can be tricky to get in and out.
  • A lightweight design may not be durable enough for heavy use

Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro

Char-Griller used the look and design of their charcoal burner and installed 3 gas burners on it. Delivers consistent and even heat for quick cooking items like burgers and steaks. I probably won’t be using this for longer cooks with smoke tubes as it has poor heat retention.

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  • The highest BTU per burner of grills reviewed
  • Powder Coated Grill designed to handle the elements


  • Assembly can take time
  • Shell is thin and can warp if you run all the burners on high

Pit Boss Portable Two-Burner Grill

Ideal for tailgating or while camping. At 20,000 BTUs for such a small grill it can heat up quickly and stay hot. That is both a pro and a con. Keep the lid open while grilling to control your temperature better. Closing the lid will create some intense heat that will not be desirable.

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  • Portable Design
  • Durable Stainless Construction


  • Grill Grates are far apart from each other
  • Challenging to clean since it is so small
  • Is known to leak grease from the bottom

Weber Q2200 Gas Grill

This little Weber was made for a tailgate. Cooking burgers, hot dogs, and steaks are effortless with this portable grill. The single burner design gives you steady heat but if you want precise control this is not the grill for you.

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  • Grill grate/griddle combination
  • Tall lid for such a small grill
  • Great for road trips


  • Single Burner means limited control

Blackstone 36” Griddle

I have been a fan of griddles and their versatility for a long time. I think they make a better burger and steak as you can get a harder sear on a steel plate. Imagine knocking out a breakfast of pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon, and eggs all in one place. For dinner make yourself some cheesesteaks with home fries or ribeyes with perfectly cooked vegetables. Smash burgers for your next pool party? No problem. Griddles are champions of large gatherings.

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  • On casters for easy movement around your backyard
  • Plenty of power to cook anything
  • More versatile than a traditional gas grill
  • large cooking area


  • Takes time to properly season the steel cooking surface

More Gas Grills To Fit Different Budgets

Best Gas Grill under 200 dollars

With the costs of everything going up the category of best cheap gas grill is tough. You just won’t get the features and sturdiness of a higher priced grill. If you have a small space you are working with and do not plan on cooking more than a few people you will be ok though.

Char-Broil is the brand I would stick with when it comes to gas grills on a budget. I trust them and have used many of their grills over the years. Many of the cabins I rent when I go on vacations with my family have Char-Broil Classic grills and even with the abuse they get at these properties they still work well.

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Best Gas Grill Under 300 Dollars

If you have a little more in the bank I would upgrade from the Char-Broil Classic 2 Burner to the 3 Burner. It gives you a bit more space to work with and more heat control. The addition of the side burner is nice plus as well.

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Best Gas Grill Under 600

When it comes to Gas Grills there is an interesting gap that shows up between the $500 to $1000 range. My top pick in the sub 600 range is still the Weber II E-210. Its a great size for a small family. If you need a larger coopking surface grill then go with the Monument 4 Burner, it is one of the best grills under 600.

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Best Gas Grill under 700

There really is not a solid grill that fits between the $600-700 range to be honest. Take a look at the suggestions above for the best grills under 600.

Best Gas Grill under 1000

I know how this one is going to look. Yeah I just picked the grill thats $999. Not the case. This grill can really fit more into the Best Gas Grill under 1500 category but you can frequently find it on sale for under $1000 dollars. The Weber Genesis E-325S has every new feature Weber can throw into this thing. Plus, its pretty damn sexy. If I was in the market for a new grill this would be my pick, and my wife’s.

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Best Gas Griddle Under 1000

Hands down this goes to the beast of flat top griddles, the Traeger Flatrock. If you are a fan of the Blackstone griddles then this guy will blow you away. It is heavier, sturdier and the grill plate is thicker giving you better sears and better recovery times during heavy cooks.

This has become a very popular item for Traeger and has sold out in several markets. Your best bet to snag one is to go directly to the Traeger Flatrock page and add yourself to the Notify Me list.

Best Gas Grill under 2000

At this price point you have quite a few options. This is the category that built in gas grills will fall under as well. I am not familiar with many of the built-in models or manufacturers so not something I can really give you a solid recommendation on.

As you can see I’m sticking with the Weber Genesis series. I’m a fan of Weber for many reasons. First, its a name you can trust and second you can find many replacement parts quickly and easily when the time comes.

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Propane Gas Grill Accessories

Smoke Tube

Fill these with flavored wood pellets from pellet grills and set them on fire then place the smoking tube on your grill. They will slowly infuse smoke into your food during longer cooks on your grill.

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Char-Broil Stainless Steel Smoker Box

If you prefer using wood chips over pellets then this smoke box is for you. Place the soaked wood chips in the stainless box and place it over a burner on high heat. Give it a few minutes to start smoking before adding your meats.

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ThermoWorks Thermometers

I am a huge fan of everything from ThermoWorks. I relied on their Instant Read thermometers in all of my restaurants and I still use them at home. They are more expensive than others that you will find on Amazon but these are 10x more reliable and accurate. The DOT is a great and affordable version of their professional Instant Read series. It’s what I use at home and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Weber iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

Webers app-based Bluetooth thermometer with space for up to four probes that are designed specifically for their gas grills using the GS4 technology. It attaches directly to your Weber Genesis II or Spirit II compatible gas grill. The only challenge I have seen is that people have complained about the accuracy of the internal temperature shown. Claiming it was off by as much as 20º. I do not use this thermometer so I can not speak to its accuracy.

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Grill Rescue Grill Brush

Made of a durable sponge-like material the Grill Rescue is designed to steam off any build-up on your grill grates. Use this immediately after grilling to keep your grates clean. The soft and non-abrasive texture will not scratch or chip porcelain grates. The scraper on the opposite side of the sponge will if you are not careful though. The other advantage is that this brushless grill cleaner will not leave harmful metal bristles that can transfer into your food.

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