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Looking for recommendations on some new toys for your kitchen? Wanting to give a great gift but not sure what to buy? Read our reviews about our favorite gear before making your next purchase. We can help you make a more educated purchase for you and your loved one.

Beautiful Japanese Hammer Finished Knife made from High Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Knives: The Ultimate Kitchen Companion for Home Cooks & Chefs Alike

Picture this: you’re in the kitchen, excitedly preparing to slice into a succulent, perfectly cooked steak. You reach for your trusty knife, only to find that it’s as dull as a butter knife on a diet. Don’t let this culinary tragedy happen to you, dear reader! Enter the world of carbon steel knives, where sharpness …

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Yoshihiro Traditional Japanese Style Petty Knife

The Unsung Hero of the Kitchen: Why a Petty Knife Deserves a Place in Your Knife Collection

Picture this: you’re slicing through a ripe, juicy tomato when suddenly, the knife slips and you’re left with a mangled mess that barely resembles the fruit it once was. We’ve all been there, but fear not, fellow food fanatics! There’s a hero in our midst, and its name is the petty knife. In this article, …

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Usuba vs nakiri knives crossed over blank background

Nakiri vs. Usuba Knife Showdown: The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Vegetable Knives

Picture this: you’re prepping for your weekly meal plan in your kitchen, chopping away at a mountain of vegetables like a culinary ninja. Suddenly, you realize that your regular chef’s knife just isn’t cutting it (pun intended). You’ve heard whispers of the traditional Japanese style knives, the Nakiri and Usuba knives, and now you can’t …

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Beautiful Katana blade guard and handle with sunset in background

Top 15 Japanese Knife Brands: Unveiling The Secrets Behind Their Sharpness

Picture this: you’re chopping away at your kitchen counter, your dull, worn-out knife barely making it through an onion. You’re sweating, frustrated, and it feels like you’re working with a butter knife. At this point, you might as well be a samurai trying to slice a tomato with a katana. It’s time for a serious …

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Traditional Japanese Damascus Deba knife

Master The Art Of Japanese Chef Knives: Your Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever watched a Japanese chef work their magic in the kitchen and wondered how their knife slices through food like butter? Well, folks, today we’re diving into the world of Japanese chef knives, which are as sharp as their wielders’ wit!  We’ll be slicing and dicing through questions like: So grab your cutting …

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Black Vertical Smoker with chimeny stack on center top. Dark smoke colored window for a door.

Best Vertical Pellet BBQ Smokers of 2023 Reviewed

Finding the best vertical pellet smoker is both simple yet slightly challenging. There are relatively limited producers of this style of vertical smoker for sale. Most of the vertical bbq smoker industry is dominated by electric smokers that use wood chips. Traditional electric smokers use heating elements to control the heat while slowly burning off …

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The Offset smoker vs the vertical smoker in a cartoonish setting with VS in the middle

Vertical vs Horizontal Offset Smoker: Which is best for you?

Vertical or horizontal offset smoker? It’s a tough choice, and there’s no easy answer. Both have their pros and cons, so it really depends on what you’re looking for in a smoker. Keep reading to learn more about each type of smoker, and which one might be the best fit for you.
Beautiful knife with feather pattern damascus steel

Best Damascus Chef Knives: Pro Kitchen Verified

If you’ve ever been in a professional kitchen, you know that the chefs there take their knives very seriously. So when I set out to find the best Damascus chef knives, I knew I had to go to the experts. And that’s exactly what I did. I talked to my chef friends around the country and asked them to weigh in on which knives they use and why. It didn’t stop there but I won’t bore you with the deeper diving I did, I will just give you a snapshot of what I learned. Here are the results of my quest to find the best Damascus chef knives out there.
Smoked Brisket on white cutting board with juices and large knife slicing through the meat

Best Wood For Smoking Brisket

One of the greatest things in life is perfectly smoked beef brisket. Salty, peppery, smokey bark with a tender and juicy interior.
Lots of Burning hickory with fresh logs sitting on top

12 Best Barbecue and Smoker Cookbooks

This is my list of essential books for the serious barbecue and smoker aficionado. Practical advice and pro tips from the country’s foremost experts on smoking.